John 5 Jesus Speaks


  • If I do as Jesus did, I will do as the Father wants me to do.
  • I am to marvel at the works of God, He WANTS me to marvel.
  • Jesus gives life to whom He wishes.
  • Jesus is responsible for all
  • When I honor Jesus, I honor the Father.
  • True hearing Jesus + believing Jesus = eternal life without judgment.
  • Jesus is the Son of Man, He has authority to judge, He understands both Godhead and humanity. All in the tombs hear the voice of the Son of Man.

I learn a lot about You, Jesus, in here, in these few words You spoke and are recorded for me to hear You utter these words into my heart 2,000 years later, for Your Word is alive. That alone is something to marvel at. Those who have eternal life have it because it is Your desire for them. It is Your gift to give. I can desire it for another, but only You can give that gift. I can tell people about the gift You gave me, but You must draw them to You and they must receive it. There You are, Salvation in the midst of His own people. And some are despising You, hating You, wanting You dead. In the midst of this crowd are some who long for You, desire the gift You have to give. You speak to them all so that the some who will receive, may hear. All dead will hear Your voice. All dead will rise. Those who reject You when they hear You, will have judgment. Those who receive your gift, rise to life and will also have judgment. Now is the time for gift giving, for sharing, for hope deployment.

John 5 Being One With The Father

This next section (v19-46) in John is pure quotation. How often have I wished to hear the voice of God, to know what it was like to hear Jesus words as He spoke them? Well, here it is! There are two long sections in here and they are full of His heart towards us. they are spoken as an answer, not to a direct question but rather as an answer to the threats against His life and the challenge of His authority over the man-made established religious authority structure.

If I am seeking to do as Jesus did, then I img_2542will be obedient to God’s examples. Jesus followed the example of The Father. Jesus is so completely One with The Father, that He cannot do anything alone. Jesus, because of the love of the Father, is shown all things that the Father is doing and so He knows what to do and how to do that ‘what’. We are promised, I even am promised, to be shown even greater works so that I may marvel. Get my mind around this!  The marvel is gnawing at the edges of my soul. Jesus, God in the flesh, while living out for us how to live for God, is one with God, and His works reveals that the LOVE God has is the power by which Jesus knows what God is doing.  Thus, all that Jesus does is the same as what God is doing. Jesus promises His listeners that the works they have seen so far are only the beginning. They shall all marvel.

Key is the relationship of love. This is the phileo love. Defined as being used to, or fond of doing, to sanction or approve. Because God approves of Jesus, because God is fond of doing for the Son, because God is used to doing and sanctions the Son, God shows the Son everything God is doing. Deiknyo giving metaphorical evidence, or showing by words or deeds, to the eyes, this is what showing means. I want to see God? I want to see Jesus? Then receive His love.

dscn5533.jpgLord, you prayed at the end of your earthly life for me when you prayed for those yet to come, in that upper room with your closest friends. You prayed that we would be one as You are one with the Father. This is so that we can be shown how you are working. So we can know how to act and what to do. No wonder the enemy uses division to fight against you. Lord, make us one. One with you. One in thought and action. Obedient to your vision. Marveling at who You are.

John 5 Response to Unbelieving Religious Authority

dscn4540Jesus did not obey man’s Sabbath rules. “My Father is working until now” v17. God The Father rested (one day) and in Jesus we see that He continues to work. Jesus’ work, doing The Father’s will, has been healing and teaching salvation, finding people who wanted help.  When Jesus was met with unbelieving power authorities, He challenged that authority by:

  1. Breaking their rules
  2. Trumping their power
  3. Freeing their captives (the man at the pool seeking healing their way)
  4. Declaring truth (Son of God)

We can be certain that it is clearly understood that when Jesus said “My Father is working until now and I Myself am working” that He was declaring Himself equal to God, because their rejection of that declaration is why they sought to kill Him with even greater desire than before. It is early in His ministry, yet the hatred is there already that seeks to kill Jesus. Jesus is not ignorant of this danger. It does not stop Him from doing the work He has come to do. He will do so on His schedule. As always.

Trust in The Lord, knowing His timing is always perfect, not fearing any consequences of doing His perfect will. Always His will is to love. Even in the face of hatred, He chose love towards those in need and healed those who wanted healing.

  • Do I know someone seeking today?
  • What shall I do?
  • Am I loving those who hate me?
  • Am I loving those who are victims of hate around me?DSCN2661

John 5 On Walking

On the Sabbath, there is a dscn0960Jew who is walking around carrying something. That is considered work. So the authorities confronted him over his flagrant violation of their added laws, (not Torah law). “You can’t do that today.” He was ordered to stop. Yet someone of higher authority had ordered the man to do this. That was his answer. “The one who has the power and authority and healed me this day, told me to do this. That is why I am doing this.” Now the story becomes about who is the authority and who the rulers are judging based on his response. They demand to know who would dare contradict their rules. The cured man may feel the weight and oppression of their indignation, because of his obedience in his actions to the command of Jesus. He cannot tell them what they want to know. He does not know Jesus! He only knows he was healed when he obeyed the command He spoke to him, “Arise, take up your pallet, and walk.”

He was told to do three things. First, he was told to do what had been impossible for him to do for 38 years. Arise. Then he was told to do something else, unthinkable, after doing the impossible he was to do the illegal. Then he was told to take an action that was bound to be confrontational. How much did he want to be healed? Enough that he was willing to obey in all three commands. So, on those 7 simple words he took his stand. He bent over, lifted the symbol of his sickness, the pallet he had lain on for 38 years, and he dscn5232started walking around. He was a walking advertisement in his time to the life changing authority of Jesus vs. the religious rulers and their rules. He walked out his testimony. He was confronted because of his testimony. He had an incomplete testimony, because he did not know Jesus. Jesus did not leave him in that situation, but Jesus later sought him out.

  • What testimony do I have to walk out that might confront authority?
  • Am I willing to pick up my burden and be confronted?
  • Has there been a time in my life where I have obeyed Jesus, experienced His loving action in my life before even knowing who He was?
  • How well do I know Him even now?

When this man met Jesus, it becomes apparent that his sin had affected his health and he was to change his ways so nothing worse would happen.

  • Has there been a health issue I have had as a result of sin?
  • Have I been healed?
  • Have I been commanded to walk carrying a symbol of my illness as a sign of the healing power and authority of Jesus?

The Hebrew word for walk means:

  •      to live
  • to regulate one’s life
  • to conduct one’s self
  • to pass one’s life

The command is given in the present imperative meaning that he is to go on walking, carrying his evidence with him. The getting up is in the same tense. It is a word of arousal, indicating a choice to be made. Daily we make this choice. Again and again, to arouse ourselves and walk for Him!

Jesus healed the man and gave Him time before he taught him.

2011-08-21 22.09.18


John 5 Respond-ability

What did you do in Galilee, Lord? You had to be there for a time. Yet John, in selecting what signs to write about, has only told us about the official’s son whom You healed at a distance, showing that the power of your word does not require your physical presence in order to be effective.

Now you are headed back to Jerusalem for a feast. Did you go through Samaria and spend time with the same people again? Did you rest in a different town? John cannot tell us everything, not enough books in the world could do that he says. So he picked these things.

dscn4808What was the feast?  It is most significant as it is Passover; the feast commemorating the Exodus from Egypt when the covering of blood protected God’s people from death, and started them out of bondage into the Promised Land. Jesus, having just healed the official’s son, now walks into a place of hope. This is a place where hope is slim but healing has come to the one who could get into it fastest.  Now, first, in walks The Lamb of God, at Passover, to the pool of Bethesda.

Jesus enters.

He goes to the man with the least hope, the least possibility for a cure. He has been sick for 38 years. Someone was kind enough to help him get to the place, but not committed enough to help him get into the water at the moment it stirred in hopes of a healing. That is the one Jesus goes to. Perhaps since it was also the Sabbath, no one was allowed to help him as that might be considered work. This is the situation Jesus chose to confront.

And confront it He did! He walked straight up to the least man, the worst off and asked him, “do you wish to get well?” How many trite get well cards have I seen and sent? Of course the sick want to be well. Jesus know this so the purpose of the question is not to be trite but to allow this man to express his need aloud and declare to all what his situation is. This man does not seem dscn4479to have any clue who Jesus is nor what reputation is beginning to surround Him as his response addresses Jesus as “sir”. Basically he tells Jesus his situation is hopeless as he is unable to meet the conditions required to receive healing. Jesus commands him simply to “get up, pick up his pallet and walk.” Jesus commands him to do first what he cannot do and also to break the Sabbath rule against work. The man has to choose between the command of Jesus or the rule of religious authority. It is a choice between obedience to the creator or the created. Not that he understood this. All he understood was his need, his hopelessness, the lack of help to get the slim provisions offered by the religious authority.

When my situation seems hopeless, if Jesus gives me the choice between his command and the rule of some human authority, Lord, let me choose to obey you! The man responded instantly, immediately. He did not ponder, he did not hesitate. His longing for healing had him literally do what for 38 years he could not do. He jumped at the hope the command offered. He took the command and discovered in the decision from hope of healing to choice of obedience, he was strengthened in body to actually do as Jesus, God Himself, commanded him to do. Let me Lord never hesitate to do what you command. Use my neediness to build strong desire to obey you so that when the command and the moment comes for action, I too jump to obey, not understanding how I can physically even do what you command, but that if You say it, I shall obey it and You will make it happen.

John 4 Trust and Insight

For the Jews first, then dscn5635Samaria, and then to the ends of the earth. This command was part of the final standing orders left with His followers which still stands today. Yet here in the first selected information about Jesus, we see he already lived out this pattern of order. He went first to the leaders, to the religious hub. His first sign to them that were watching him so closely  is water to wine at a Jewish wedding ceremony in Cana of Galilee. After cleaning house in the temple in Jerusalem, and doing and teaching many there, he goes to Samaria and is well received and teaches there. Then He returns to Cana where the second sign is given. This one is a healing for the benefit of a foreigner.

He did these things in front of his own hometown folk. They had high and perhaps selfish expectations. Jesus did not seem to have high expectations. When the official came to Him, he asked for the presence of Jesus thinking it was required for healing. But all that was required was for Jesus to say so.

What does Jesus say? It is so. And we are given explicit proof that convinced this official that it was not by chance nor coincidence but by the declaration Jesus made that his son was healed. So he believed and his entire household also believed. Imagine the change there!

dscn0889The needed miracle led to the salvation of this family. Jesus knew what it would take for “you people” to believe. He met the need and they believed. That example is for me also.

  • What needs hold people back from believing?
  • How can I be impactful in meeting a need so salvation can come?
  • Is it a word of encouragement?
  • Is it a gift of my time?
  • My money?
  • A letter of intercession?
  • What power do I have to meet another’s need?

Jesus did not seek out this person, rather He was sought by them. Who comes to me seeking help?  Why me? What have I to offer? Why did they come to me? What is the underlying need and how can I meet that?

Lord, make me wise and discerning to know what the real needs are of those who come to me asking for help. Guide me to respond with what will help them and lead them to trust in You. It was not a trip that was required of You, your entire day did not need to be reordered for him. You need only to say the word and the man left, not even convinced but with hope. Yes, You had healed, but he did not know, he had the hope and left to see. He faced a journey, but his answer came before he even got home. Do I come to Jesus as this man did? Trusting enough in His spoken declaration to return and see?

John 4 Sharing Jesus

The woman was valued enough by the men that to them, she was believable. I don’t understand that, but I appreciate it. They came to Jesus because they believed her. Was it her confession and her change reflected in her countenance plus the ability to confess that drew them as well?  The men felt the weight of their own sin and were drawn to Jesus because of her testimony, her word. They came. Jesus met with them and their dscn3134-e1498929851852hearts were also changed. Many more believed. That is not all. But those who chose him, they were given the choice. They were able to have Jesus stay with them for two days. Two days with the Savior, their lives would never be the same. I wonder what the legacy of that town, those men and women, is today.

She shared, she led, the men came, they believed, they studied. Am I sharing Jesus? Jesus as the Savior of the world? Not just for Americans, not just for men, not just for the Jew, not just for this or that race, not for just the ones who go to church, not just for the rich, not just for the poor, but for all.

Lord let me listen deeply and draw from your living, pure, abundant, flowing waters of Your Spirit and Truth. May today be a day of sharing truth and testimony about You as the One Who Reconciles our deepest longings.

John 4 Working Within One’s Gift

Jesus had been physically exhausted upon their arrival in town. His men had gone for food. In the meantime, He had ministered to this woman and the men of the town. Jesus was energized not by the physical food brought by his men, which he no longer seemed to need, rather He was nourished by the food of accomplishing the work , doing His Fathers will.

When I do His will, and accomplish His work, he will nourish me and provide me with the physical needs I have to accomplish it.

dscn2630Hear we have Jesus, reaping souls for His kingdom to come at a time before He has even gone to the cross. The reaper gathers fruit that the sowers work started. The reaper joins the labor force that planted and tilled. He gathers the fruit. Jesus sowed hope into the woman at the well, and then He reaped a town-full.

  • What work am I doing for His harvest?
  • Am I tilling soil? Am I planting seeds of hope?
  • Am I reaping the ripe harvest?
  • Am I on my knees praying?
  • Do I love as He loved which is my act of evangelism?

John 4 How to Do My Part

Am I worshiping  The Holy Spirit in Spirit and in Truth? Jesus revealed Himself first to the religious leader who sought truth, Nicodemus and now he for the second time reveals Himself to the Samaritan woman. His next reveal is to the ends of the earth, just as we are commissioned at his ascension. Jesus’s disciples return to the well and find Him talking to ‘this’ woman. dscn4537They “marvel” at seeing Him talking to such a person. Yet they did not question it, they instead accept it as a new lesson, a moment such as we might have when we are confronted with His example and respond with the amazed thought, “you mean in this too Lord? Wow, I never would have guessed!” What better way did Jesus have to reach a hearing to the sinners in need in this town, than through the woman who they all knew so well? What better voice of hope than the one of their mutual use? They came, believing something must be true, not sure of what, but knowing that if SHE of all people, had hope, there was hope for them also. It was the authority of Jesus that changed their hearts. Jesus met one strategic God-ordained opportunity and the town was reached.

  • Do I seek Jesus as these Samaritans did?
  • Do I accept His forgiveness to the depth of sin in the crevasses of my soul and memories?

Let me turn my all to Him consistently trusting His love and mercy to forgive and set me free for His purpose in my small part to bring all mankind to the saving knowledge of Jesus. The greatest thing I can do is to bring others into His presence where He works in their hearts. Jesus saves. I serve him. All praise glory and honor to my king!

John 4 Lessons From, For, To Sinners and The Broken Ones

2013-10-23-15-42-01-e1498736521469When a Jewish prophet shows up in her small town, recognizes her own deep spiritual need, what is the first question that comes to the mind of this hurting woman, kept under by her culture and by His? She asks about the worship of God. At her heart, is a heart wanting to worship God in the right way, to honor Him in the midst of a difficult life. She is not only an outcast in her little town, but her little town is an outcast from their Jewish cousins who tell them they do not worship in the right place. They do not go to the right church. You live with judgment from other worshipers who say that you are doing it wrong. You don’t ask this question if it does not burn in your heart to honor God properly. Jesus saw into her heart and she opened up to Him with this question. Why?   I don’t understand! Why?

Jesus reached across culture and time and puts us all to account. Where is the proper place to worship? What is the right church to attend? It’s not where but how! God, The Father, is worship-able in two ways together, in spirit and in truth. Worshipers are sought after by The Father. He seeks those who will honor Him in truth and in the spirit.

And she jumps to a new question, a truth question, about the coming Messiah. And to a foreign woman, a sinful woman, a town prostitute and kept woman, Jesus speaks truth directly, clearly, with no parables, no shrouding nor softening, but in declaratory language…”I am He”. “I, who speak to you, am He”. “I, The Creator, The Savior of all mankind, The face of God Himself,  I who forgives sinners and makes all things new, I Am He !”

Jesus, waited for her question to come. Waited DSC_0255for her to speak her heart to him, before He revealed Himself to her. For the first time in John’s book, this was the first moment Jesus spoke about who He is so clearly. Not to his own hometown, nor His own capital city, nor the religious leader, but to a Samaritan woman. Two loaded adjectives, “Samaritan” and “woman”.

Jesus also walked the example we are to walk, revealing Himself, first to the Jews, then to the Samaritans, then to the ends of the earth. By reaching the least of these, Jesus reached a city, a nation, the World. He did not go to the leaders, to the rich, but to those whose hearts were most needy and ready to receive Him.

  • Where do I go with the message of the Spirit and of truth?
  • Am I walking and living by the spirit and by truth?
  • Am I focused on Jesus, on The FATHER, and do I worship Him in and with my spirit and aware of truth?
  • Am I focused on my sinfulness contrasted to His holiness thus humble in my questions to Him with a heart of praise?
  • A heart to obey?
  • A heart to spread joy?

Lessons from- to- for a prostitute;

from , to, for an abused woman;

from, to and for a sinner.