John 17 Declaration of Love

What has Jesus done? What is His purpose? Why did He do what He did? In His last private words of prayer with His disciples, Jesus declares that “I have made Thy name known to them, and will make it known; and that He did this so that God’s love for Jesus would be in them, that Jesus would be in them, in us. Jesus dwells in us through the love of God Himself. God is love.

IMG_3507The entire bible, starting in Genesis, is a revelation to humanity about God. Our human history is that we were disconnected from the Holy One because of sin. The biblical story of man having forgotten God is not God forgetting man, rather God has sought after man, century after century. A study in the names of God reveals the character of God, bit by bit, until the culmination of His revelation in Jesus. Wrapped up in these last few verses of John 17 is a consistent declaration of the love and purpose of God. The love of God in Jesus is in us, that Jesus Himself is in us. God’s love is in those who have believed in Jesus in us; Jesus in me.

If I am like Jesus, He is in me and what I do and how I do,  as a surrendered follower of Jesus, shall bring glory to God.

When does Jesus do this for me, for you, for his followers? When He then proceeded to walk out that door into His great work of sacrifice so that I could sit here one day and share with others, so that many, many, many before you and I, could stand up for Him in the face of death and hatred and declare Jesus is the face of God and Jesus loves us all enough to give His all so that we could be one with Him, one with the Father.

John 17 Supplied

IMG_0530Because Jesus is alive in us, the believers, aka the church, we are to be perfectly unified- a working unit.

We are: functioning fluidly and effectively AS a witness to the world  THAT the Father sent -> Jesus -> and the Father Loves us like He loves Jesus

What does it all mean?

  • The Father trusted Jesus,
  • He supplied all that Jesus needed,
  • He challenged Him with the cross.
  • He supplied
    • the cross,
    • the help to carry it,
    • the strength to endure it,
    • the love to bear it
    • the obedience to die and conquer it
    • and the power to pick up His life again!

This is Jesus and this Is Who we are in!

Lord God!   Holy Holy Lord!    Jesus!

So many titles I could call you by yet they cannot convey what great power and love that is in Your Name, Your title, Your love! Let me live this day as praise to You in all I do!

John 17 Loved

IMG_3430It makes me weep tears of deep healing. Oh, how to describe how I feel when I read v 20. While so much of my life I feel like I am constantly striving and am an outsider. Then I read that at the moment 2000 years ago God, Creator, Jesus,  while standing amidst a handful of His creation, the men and women He had walked this earth with, through whom He planned salvation for all who would come to Him,  now remembers and thinks of me. His heart, His thoughts, reached out over the centuries, over the months, over the days and thought of me on that day when I bowed my heart to Him and asked Him to accept me, all of me, with Him. To lead me, change me, grow me, and make me like Him. He wanted me then, He has always wanted me to be His, always wanted me to belong with Him. He wanted that so much he prayed for me back then. He prayed for you.

He asked His Father that we should be one, one just like The Father and Jesus are one. Us, in Jesus, in God the Father, one with His Holy Spirit, full and complete.

Why? So that the world may believe that Thou didst send Me. That we have the same glory given by God to Jesus because we are IN Jesus. Jesus shares that glory with us when we are one with Jesus. When He shines, I shine because I am in Him who is shining by His nature. As I am transformed into His image, I shine because he shines. Why? That the world may know that Thou sent Me and you love them as you love me, as Your Father loves You. God the Father loves us as much and as completely as He loves Jesus. All ways that we read about Jesus being loved by God are true for us too. In the unity with Jesus, I am fully and perfectly loved.

Jesus prayed so that my actions would imitate His. My words would be His words. My teaching would be His teaching; so that in the world, all this would be BELIEVABLE.

  • Am I a believable Christian?
  • Are my actions, words and teachings believable?
  • Am I shining for Jesus?
  • When the world looks at church, i.e. at all the individuals who claim Jesus, is what they see believable?

Lord, change me where I need to change so that the world may see You. Thank you for the love that You have for me, that is just the same as the love You have for Jesus.

John 17 Holy Walking

Jesus prayed for you and me. How can I know this? He prayed for those You gave me because they are Yours. As I belong to God, I. Belong to Jesus. While here Jesus is talking of His current followers, later He clarifies he is praying for all who will come to faith in Him.

Jesus is glorified by the people God gives to Him. Every believer is a glory to God! I am kept safe now because Jesus prayed to His Father to keep me safe by the power of Your name, the name that You gave Me, (Jesus) so that their unity might be like Ours. What is that saying? That Jesus wants believers to be unified in Him the way He and God the father are one. What amazing intimacy!

IMG_3483All this was prayed for my benefit, for your benefit. He wanted us to know His full joy and that is a joy of unity in Jesus; a joy that is one with Him as one with the Father. Not to take us out of here while we are in this earth, but to give us His perfect peace to walk this world in unity, in oneness with Him so that who we are is Him walking in this world. His unity protects us from “the evil one”. In Him, we no longer belong to the world but we belong, like Jesus, to Jesus, to God the Father and the power of the evil one is a false power. Beware of false power. We are safe by the power of the name of God, the name of Jesus, that all shall one day bow to.

Truth makes us holy. Jesus declares that, verse 17. We are sent into the world the same way God the Father sent Jesus. v. 18. Jesus is dedicated to the holy work of salvation, in other words, he died and rose, (that Holy work) just so that we too will abide in the truth to be holy.

How can I abide in the truth to be holy if I do not know the truth? I must steep myself like tea in His Holy Word for that is what I must know to be able to walk how He plans for me to walk. Sanctified in the truth, in the Word, in Holy Scripture, in Jesus Himself. Jesus is my source of sanctifying power and grace! The very name of Jesus has keeping power over me as safety in this world where I am placed to walk in His name and in Unity with Him for His glory!

John 17 Trust and Obey

Jesus manifested (exposed to view) the name of God the Father to his close followers, to his small group, that was a group formed and given to Him. They belonged to the Father and the Father provided them to Jesus.

The way Jesus lived and taught, by manifestation, by exposing to view in His own self, allowed them to know all Jesus did was not from human self at all, but from the Father. Jesus came as the face, hands, feet and embodiment of the Father. God’s words came from the mouth of Jesus.

The words of Jesus/God the Father, were understandable, comprehensible to the followers.IMG_3638

This section also makes clear that Jesus “came forth”, “was sent” from and by the Father.

When I think about the last book John wrote, revelation, my puny mind tries to comprehend the Father who is beyond space and time and thus how was His creation to comprehend Him? He did this through entering into time and space in a form we could relate to and Jesus showed us how we too can be One with Him and thus One with the Father, beyond time and space, I.e. for eternity. This section of John 17 tells us about how and why this happens. This is what Jesus said about the followers.

  • The people you gave me…(He provided to Him)
  • …belonged to You (the Father)
  • …You gave them to Me (God gave Jesus His followers)
  • …did what You told them… (Obedience)
  • …now they know that everything You gave me comes from You because I (Jesus) gave them The message that you gave me…(Obedience)
  • …they accepted the message.(Trust)
  • …they know for sure that I came from You…(Convicted)
  • They have believed that You sent me.(It’s a done deal. No turning back)

(It all boils down into the action from Him toward us is provision. The actions in response are trust and obedience- my theme song!)

  • Who am I as a believer?
  • What am I knowing for sure?
  • Have I accepted the message of God?
  • Have I done what God has told me to do?
  • Do I understand and know that all , ALL, Jesus did was done as from God the Father!
  • Have I listened to Jesus?

Jesus Himself is praying for his followers. Everyone belonging to Jesus is belonging to the Father. What is Yours is mine and what is mine is Yours. That is right there in verse 10. It is a metaphor for marriage and marriage is a metaphor for our relationship with God.

John 17 To Be Like Jesus

Oh what I learn about You from Your own words! What joy! When death hits us square in the face we think about what everything means. Here, Jesus puts it together for me. Eternal life begins in knowing God, knowing Jesus.

Jesus prayed to the Father asking to be glorified for the purpose of glorifying Him right back. In other words, it’s a mirror reflection glory upon glory upon glory forever. I think about standing in front of a triple mirror and how the reflection goes on endlessly.

DSCN5271The glory of God is the giving of eternal life to all who the Father has given to Jesus. Jesus has full authority over all of mankind. There is no one Jesus would hold back life from if/when they come to Him.

  • Have you gone to Him?
  • Have you asked?
  • Have I asked Him to make Himself known to those friends, neighbors and acquaintances I have been placed in this world around?
  • My life mission, as is also true for all, is that whatever activity we use or gift we have that provides food to sustain temporary life on earth, ultimately it’s to glorify Jesus, glorify God by introducing people to Jesus. It does not matter what job we have, people in need are in all walks of life. Where am I walking today?
  • Who needs to be introduced to the glory of God?
  • Do I reflect His glory so that others are drawn to Jesus in me?
  • Do I accept the glory that may come as a reflection of God Himself and not a reflection of my self?
  • Have I surrendered my self for His Self?
  • Is not His Glory far better than anything I can shine?

Accept compliments for His glory. Point to My Helper, acknowledge His glory that resides as Jesus in me. As I become more like Jesus, like silver refined, He looks into my face and sees His own reflection. What joy to have my identity in Him!

Jesus, guide me this day into actions, thought and words that come from you. Let me surrender my innermost for Your glory!