John 15 Abiding Behavior

Fruit only happens when we abide in Jesus. Not abiding means being trashed.

Photo by James Hecker

When we abide, live, in Jesus, and have His words living in us, then we may ask whatever and be confident in it being done.

Fruit bearing proves we are Jesus’s disciples.

Abiding in Jesus is to live in His love, keeping His commands.

Abiding in Jesus is to abide in the Fathers love.

Abiding in Jesus brings joy and joy made full.

The command from Jesus is to LOVE ONE ANOTHER JUST AS JESUS LOVED HIS DISCIPLES. Jesus loved His disciples by laying His life down for them.

To abide, is to love my friends to death-of-myself for their sake. Jesus shared all things He heard from the Father with His friends, he held nothing back. (Timing was everything)

We are chosen, appointed to go bear fruit and ask of the Father in Jesus name. Commanded to love one another.

I can expect the world to hate me because I abide in Jesus, because the world hates Jesus and the world will hate Jesus in me. We are chosen out of this world and hated for that. Expect persecution. Love anyway.

Once you know Jesus, there is no excuse for sin. To hate Jesus is to hate the Father just as to love Jesus is to love the Father.

Those who had seen Jesus, had the works of God done among them, and hated Him;  have thus seen and hated the Father which is sin.   If you choose to not believe Jesus after this, you are guilty of unbelief, without excuse. To see God is to see Jesus is to see the Father. This is no cause to hate, it is cause to love and be joy filled. The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth -testifies of Jesus, as do the followers, they testify of Jesus.

Do I really see that responsibility? I am a testimony about Jesus! Are the words I say and the actions I take, reflecting Jesus? Because as a Christian I am telling the world about Jesus in everything I do and say. That is an incredibly big responsibility. If people are rejecting Jesus because they watch me supposedly reflecting Jesus, but what they see is sinfulness on my part, then I am responsible for deceiving them about Jesus!  They can see sin and know it for what it is. But if I am calling my sin ok because I claim to be a Christian, I am doing an awful sin of betraying Jesus, acting falsely against Him! To be a Christ follower is to reflect Him and His love for us all. It is not to wear a badge claiming Christ by our words while denying Him in our behavior.

LORD JESUS I NEED YOU in order to follow You truly, and reflect who you are with love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.

John 15 Abiding- As My Role

Abide, ABIDE! Help me abide in You daily, each minute, in my joy, in my stress, in my loneliness, in my health, in my heart, actions and thoughts, words, feelings, responses. What is there in me of any worth without You in it, Lord?

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Credit: Georgia Greer

My “kingdom equity” is for you. Everything in my “realm” of control, influence, life, my choices, my body, my job, my work each day, my family, my attitude, my innermost thoughts, my fears, hopes, desires, plans and thanksgivings; these things are my realm, my kingdom equity all for You. Let me not forget You my King. You are the Only and True King.

When I abide, I can ask for whatever (of Jesus, in Jesus name, for the glory of the Father) and it will be done. That is because my asking is fully His desire too, when I am abiding in Him. We are One so oneself cannot be divided. I must abide in Him, with a lower case “i”.

The letter “i” is a good visual: Jesus, as my head, the dot, and myself as the upright and fully inline with the head, nothing wandering or bending out from under that headship.

Thus as “i” abide in Him, I know Him and His desires and will ask for the necessary, the blessed and right things. It will glorify the Father.

Abiding asking glorifies God.

How am I asking God? Am I asking from a place of abiding “i”? Or am “I” doing the asking? Where do my desires come from? He is so much greater, so much wiser and the joy of “i” over “I” desires, has such greater depth and fruit.

Lord I submit to You. Let me be “i” under You, help me to look to You in all I do. To reflect You in my thoughts and actions. Teach me daily, lead me gently, help my heart heal and grow to Your glory. Show me Your way of love for and toward all You have created. Recreate me in You. I trust You as my designer, my playwright, my director in the production of my life to be shaped into the character You need for Your story. Thank you for casting me in a Your production!