I am a transplanted Northerner.  I did not know I was such a Yankee until I moved from Northern Ohio to Central Virginia.  I am a grateful, still growing, still a child in Jesus Christ. No matter how long, in our sense of time that I have been His, in context, I am a child. This child has gotten older. My children are in order, a stepdaughter, daughter, daughter, daughter, son and bonus- another daughter!  Add to that the many visitors who I had the privilege of hosting under my roof.  I am also a grandmother to 5 (going on 6) grandchildren at the time of this writing.  I could count my losses, which, due to the nature of life, will continue until I am the one who departs this life.  I will choose to count my blessings instead.  I have made friends in church, in work, and out and about.  I am blessed to  know you perhaps because of my children, or perhaps because of my husband, or my parents, or a sibling, or perhaps I met you through work and you are a student or co-worker.  Regardless, thank you for taking time to read my blog.  May we encourage one another.  Please post a comment or send me an email.

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PS.  And be patient with me as I learn how to negotiate a new technology!  I have never done this before!  Grace please!