Therefore, Pilate would not change the wording, therefore. I suppose, having this particular duty for a soldier, even though what executioners have to do is grim, the job had perks. They get the spoils just like any soldier of war would get. They evenly divided the clothing among the four of them, except for the tunic made without seams. Woven on the loom in one piece. I wove a bag that way once.  Fun and challenging. That would have been a valuable garment. And aside from whatever it speaks about the one who made it for Jesus presumably or bought it for Him, the fact is that they gambled over the piece and in so doing, fulfilled scripture.

These soldiers knew they were hanging a king. Added value. Were they confused? What did they think as they carried out the deed? I don’t expect they were too worried. Was there a larger number of soldiers who marched out with them to the execution? I don’t think so. That is not a detail we know. The concern for rebellion was the night before at the arrest. Now they have seen not only no opposition to the arrest but the events so turned that it seemed all agreed this was a good thing. So they could, the four of them, having just crucified three men, now let the ones who have come to see do their gawking while they get on about the business of waiting for the men to die, and dividing up the spoils.

Sedona Chapel of Holy Cross  17

The events had turned. The ruled people had been trumped by their own rulers and while many were busy with Passover preparations, God’s preparation, as Jesus, hung on the cross. When evil plots to do its work, it will be seen that it often does so behind the cover of distraction. Crowds can be manipulated and controlled. That is what a community organizer does; she figures out ways to mobilize the community to some action already planned out by those powers behind the scenes.

  • What areas in my world today are being so led?
  • Is it possible that I too am targeted by manipulation?
  • How can we as individuals be more aware?
  • Can I, and will I, choose to walk by the Spirit of Truth and not by the spirit of media and fear and rah-rah-rah?

Lord, make me faithful, keep me honest, filled with love and give me courage to stand for truth against crowd, humbly and willing to surrender all to Your greater long suffering, plan.

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