This next event has got to be one of the craziest situations in the book so far. First is to remember that some of these men may have had zealot tendencies, as the crowds did, wanting to make Jesus King. Jesus had left them and they seemed to have expected His return, yet also to have left without Him, indicating either a plan, or a feeling of abandonment. Perhaps they were raked with doubts. Here it had seemed that the moment and timing and support were all in place to solve the Jewish problems with Rome and rid themselves of their oppressor. They did not understand the real oppression, it’s size and scope. Yet now, instead of taking power at His fingertips, Jesus has left them and gone off alone. John6Storm.Storm Waves Wallpapers 2So they are in the boat, struggling against the common storms that come and make for a dangerous crossing. Picture this: seasoned sailors rowing three or four miles off shore, in the dark. Stormy dark in windy, choppy seas. If something was floating in the seas around them it would be rolling and tossing. Just like them. Somehow, Jesus shows up walking on top of all this.

  • What storms what efforts do I struggle with?
  • What am I expert at that can be challenged at this level of challenge so that I am straining and pulling, doing my best effort yet making slow progress no matter how hard I pull at my oars?
  • Jesus is there. Will I let Him into my circumstances?
  • The disciples were specifically willing to let Him into their boat, into their situation. Am I willing to let Him in?
  • Am I inviting Him in?
  • What will happen when I do?

Just as amazingly and humanly impossibly, we too shall find ourselves immediately at the place we need to be. In the same sentence as the willingness of the disciples to let Jesus into their boat, they were ashore. It’s about 6 miles, they were barely half way to their destination, and now, they are all the way there.

Lord, I need you in all my situations, in all my circumstances. I have one or two now. Yes, I am willing for you to be in my circumstance and take me where you will have me go. Thank you for walking in my storms to me.IMG952015060795194952372

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