• What is Jesus bringing to my attention?
  • Am I willing to do something about it?
  • Am I listening for His possibility?

002_2Andrew did not know what Jesus could do or would do. But he was willing to speak up with a basic appraisal of the situation. We have a handful, a basic dismal provision, how could this be enough ?  Without the blessing of Jesus-  it is not enough!   But with God…all things are possible. Andrew and all the disciples were taught by this great sign, that Jesus, who had led a multitude out of the city, was able to feed them.

  • What does Jesus need from me?

Like Andrew, just enough to barely meet my own needs and like a child, being willing to share and give it to Him for His blessing for all.

  • What little do I have today?
  • Will I share with Him when asked for?
  • Will I remember His blessing and trust Him with what I have to do his purposes?

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