Jesus, you looked and saw all the people who were drawn to you out of Jerusalem at Passover, drawn to follow you on this journey into the wilderness. You used a question to prepare your disciples for a lesson. What was their reaction when you called to their attention the problem? How are all these people to eat? Here they have come unprepared, not knowing where Jesus was going, yet willing anyway to follow Him.

  • Am I so willing?
  • Will my Lord provide?
  • Did the people wonder as well?
  • Did they worry as they traveled, or were they so certain they had no need to worry that they followed?
  • Or did they even give that a thought?
  • Was their excitement and desire that much greater than their practical physical nature that they took no thought of where they were headed and how they were to meet their needs?
  • Was it like Moses leading His people out of slavery into the wilderness where God provided for them?

Yes, it was Passover.dscn5592.jpg

Jesus anticipated the need and always had a plan, before He even brought it to the attention of His disciples. Lord, when I follow You, I never need to worry about my needs being met. You already have a plan. At times I may be so ignorant of my own need that You may confront me with questions. Questions not meant for me to answer, but rather meant to provoke me and point out my need so that I can receive what you have prepared in advance for me.

I pray now for those in need in my family, among my friends and acquaintances and beyond, that we all will hear You ask the questions and listen to You as You point out first our neediness so that all of us may turn to You confidently and expectantly for our daily bread.

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