I am not to marvel at the fact that Jesus has life in Himself just like the Father, and that He has the authority to execute judgment. I am to marvel at His works, not His authority.


My experience is that I am emotionally distanced when I ponder on His judgment power, but when I ponder on His love, His motivated works of healing and meeting needs, then I am drawn near. That is where he wants me, wants you.DSCN5222

Next Jesus takes the time to make His legal case for the authority He has just declared He has. He is speaking to the religious leaders and to the public in the center of the place of worship and authority. Jesus provides witnesses. One is John the Baptist, a witness the leaders had already sent emissaries to and received back the testimony. The works Jesus is doing in their midst is also legal evidence. The scriptural evidence of prophecy fulfilled in Jesus also provides witness evidence. He has a solid case. The choice to believe is our own, just as it was then as Jesus spoke to those in authority and in the temple.

Jesus listens and obeys the Father, He doesn’t self-initiate. Do I listen and obey God or do I strike out in my own will and plan?

Jesus does not brag, but He speaks truth about Himself. He lets His work tell about Him, it is His portfolio, His resume, His C.V. His works show who He works for, who sent Him onto his job site.

The words of the Father abide in Jesus, He is the living representative of all authority over life, a living manual. Coming to Jesus is coming to life.

When Jesus met with the challenge from the Jews and judgmental rejecting attitudes, the things He shared were lengthy teachings and were deeply challenging to their current belief system. He upset their apple cart.

DSCN6322At issue, they cannot believe when they rely on each other for approval and praise. They don’t really believe Moses, even though they claim to. Moses spoke of Jesus. If they choose not to believe Moses, then they cannot believe what Jesus teaches. This is the heart of the issue.

He knows many hearts will reject Him yet He confronts them with the truth that they will choose to treasure a false belief over choosing the truth – Him. Because they seek the approval of man, they cannot receive Him. (vs 44.) Jesus confronts them with their sin that prevents them from accepting the truth, from actually finding what they are seeking.

  • What do I seek and yet cannot find because the sin of wanting acceptance and approval from others stands in the way?
  • Is there truth that is staring me in the face, but in accepting His truth, I risk the displeasure of my peers?

Lord, let me choose you. Let me risk the disapproval of man, for the acceptance and approval of You!

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