• If I do as Jesus did, I will do as the Father wants me to do.
  • I am to marvel at the works of God, He WANTS me to marvel.
  • Jesus gives life to whom He wishes.
  • Jesus is responsible for all
  • When I honor Jesus, I honor the Father.
  • True hearing Jesus + believing Jesus = eternal life without judgment.
  • Jesus is the Son of Man, He has authority to judge, He understands both Godhead and humanity. All in the tombs hear the voice of the Son of Man.

I learn a lot about You, Jesus, in here, in these few words You spoke and are recorded for me to hear You utter these words into my heart 2,000 years later, for Your Word is alive. That alone is something to marvel at. Those who have eternal life have it because it is Your desire for them. It is Your gift to give. I can desire it for another, but only You can give that gift. I can tell people about the gift You gave me, but You must draw them to You and they must receive it. There You are, Salvation in the midst of His own people. And some are despising You, hating You, wanting You dead. In the midst of this crowd are some who long for You, desire the gift You have to give. You speak to them all so that the some who will receive, may hear. All dead will hear Your voice. All dead will rise. Those who reject You when they hear You, will have judgment. Those who receive your gift, rise to life and will also have judgment. Now is the time for gift giving, for sharing, for hope deployment.

One thought on “John 5 Jesus Speaks

  1. Excellent truths today Connie! I love that He is responsible for me! That gave me so much comfort to be reminded of that. Thank you for your musings today!


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