This next section (v19-46) in John is pure quotation. How often have I wished to hear the voice of God, to know what it was like to hear Jesus words as He spoke them? Well, here it is! There are two long sections in here and they are full of His heart towards us. they are spoken as an answer, not to a direct question but rather as an answer to the threats against His life and the challenge of His authority over the man-made established religious authority structure.

If I am seeking to do as Jesus did, then I img_2542will be obedient to God’s examples. Jesus followed the example of The Father. Jesus is so completely One with The Father, that He cannot do anything alone. Jesus, because of the love of the Father, is shown all things that the Father is doing and so He knows what to do and how to do that ‘what’. We are promised, I even am promised, to be shown even greater works so that I may marvel. Get my mind around this!  The marvel is gnawing at the edges of my soul. Jesus, God in the flesh, while living out for us how to live for God, is one with God, and His works reveals that the LOVE God has is the power by which Jesus knows what God is doing.  Thus, all that Jesus does is the same as what God is doing. Jesus promises His listeners that the works they have seen so far are only the beginning. They shall all marvel.

Key is the relationship of love. This is the phileo love. Defined as being used to, or fond of doing, to sanction or approve. Because God approves of Jesus, because God is fond of doing for the Son, because God is used to doing and sanctions the Son, God shows the Son everything God is doing. Deiknyo giving metaphorical evidence, or showing by words or deeds, to the eyes, this is what showing means. I want to see God? I want to see Jesus? Then receive His love.

dscn5533.jpgLord, you prayed at the end of your earthly life for me when you prayed for those yet to come, in that upper room with your closest friends. You prayed that we would be one as You are one with the Father. This is so that we can be shown how you are working. So we can know how to act and what to do. No wonder the enemy uses division to fight against you. Lord, make us one. One with you. One in thought and action. Obedient to your vision. Marveling at who You are.

3 thoughts on “John 5 Being One With The Father

  1. You write “Jesus, God in the flesh”, but Jesus is a man of flesh and blood who could be seen by man who did not die, whilst God can not be seen by man. Jesus is the sent one from God. You yourself wrote also ” Jesus followed the example of The Father.” indicating Jesus is somebody else than the Father, Who is the God of Israel Who declared Jesus to be His only begotten beloved son.

    God is the One Who gave the world this anointed son. He is it that gave this man of flesh and blood the authorisation to handle and speak in His name. That One god above all gods is also the One Who shows the son everything God is doing and God is requesting from mankind. Jesus is the Way to God and not to himself.


    1. Jesus did die, and rose again. The resurrection proved the acceptability of the sacrifice. God is One. The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit. I am a mother, a child, a wife. Death has separated me from the one role as wife. But I was a wife. Jesus was a man who walked this earth in human flesh. Now He is in resurrected flesh and “He sits at the right hand of God”

      Think on the holiness of God who is total perfection. How can He ever allow anything even remotely unholy to be with Him? We are just like this. If I offered you poison to drink, you would not take it. How much poison would you allow me to put into your glass of water to drink? None. You don’t want that. Not one drop. Perfection can have not even one drop of imperfection with it.

      What was this loving creator to do to be united once again with His fallen creation? He “begot” Himself into the flesh so that He Himself could take on the punishment for sin. Death. Before man’s fall, there was no death. Death alone is what needed to be conquered.

      Death of animals (Gen 3:21) God provided a skin covering for the humans sinners Adam and Eve. The temple sacrifices were instituted in that first animal skin that covered the nakedness of humanity. The pattern was completed when a perfect holy sacrifice was made when God, begotten in the flesh, allowed his flesh to die on the cross. (Gen 3:15) The offspring of the serpent struck the heel- crucifixion is the death that leaves all the blood pooled in the heels of a man. The offspring of Adam and Eve, Jesus, crushed the head of the serpent’s offspring when He rose from the dead. The death of death was accomplished when the resurrection of Jesus completed the redemption process as promised in Genesis.

      Now, all who will believe what Jesus Himself has said, “I am the way, the truth, the life. No man comes to the Father but through Me.” (John 14:6) those who believe this will find their life “hidden with Christ in God”. (Col 3:3) When judgement comes, the perfect father will listen to the accusations of death and will see nothing but His perfect son.

      This is why on this side of eternity, after trusting in Jesus, we seek to live what is left of this earthly life in this flesh that can die, as a life that is obedient to Him, trusting and obeying the love of Jesus Christ, one with the Father. Inviting more to trust and obey. That the fullness of the Gentiles may come in. While Jesus was Jewish, He came as a Jew to all nations. The promise to Abraham is complete in Jesus. Gen 12: 2-3 “and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

      Jesus was a man of flesh and blood who could be seen by man. He ate, he drank and he died. YET His body did not remain dead. He rose again. He ate and drank again. He is still in that new body that is a substance that Mary could hug in the garden. Yet he could appear in locked rooms. He ate a meal with his close friends again. He walked in the flesh for 40 days before he left this earth and ascended into heaven while his many friends watched. He left so He could give us His Holy Spirit who guides us now. God communicates to us through His Holy Spirit, not through the flesh of Jesus who is with Him.

      I can hear your voice if you were to call me on the phone. You would not be with me in the same place yet I would know what you were saying as long as we spoke in the same language. And if my heart attitude is in the same place as yours, I would understand the heart of your words, the tone, the desire, the needs. That is the spirit of our relationship sharing with one another. Your creator loves you and understands your deepest needs and desires far more than any phone conversation I could have with you. When you speak with your spirit to your creator, to the One who loves you so much that He found a way for you to be One with Him, when you cry out to Him, you will hear the voice of the One who loves you. The one who chose life for you. The one who gave the life of His son, who entered into our life experience and lived our struggles so that He could show us the only way back to Himself. I pray that the peace of Christ may be with you and lead you into the new year in a deeper and renewed relationship with Him.


      1. You write “How can He ever allow anything even remotely unholy to be with Him?” and consider it impossible that we can be with God. So you do not believe in the Bible message that many shall be able to live in the Kingdom of God.

        What could God proof by “begotting” “Himself into the flesh so that He Himself could take on the punishment for sin.” As you say “Before man’s fall, there was no death. Death alone is what needed to be conquered.” But god does not need Himself to conquer death. God can not be killed. God cannot die. He is an eternal Being to Whom man can do nothing. He is it Who gives and takes life.

        The offspring or seed spoken in Genesis and in John 1 is God’s promise coming in the flesh by the birth of Jeshua (Jesus Christ) out of the womb of the virgin young girl Miriam (Maria/Mary) from the tribe of King David. That man of flesh and blood proofed that man can keep to God’s commandments, and not like many trinitarians want others to believe that no man is able to keep God’s commandments, which would mean that it is a very cruel God Who, though knowing everything gave His creatures some rules of which He knew that they would not be able to keep them. That does not make any sense. Also not that God waited such a long time to intervene and to come to earth to fake His temptation (because God cannot be tempted) and to fake His death (because God as an eternal Spirit cannot die). You also make then a very cruel god of Him because still to day we have to endure hardship and have to suffer, whilst according your teaching God has saved everybody.

        Your thoughts seem also to have a dual twist, because in your reply you also write about God ” The one who gave the life of His son, who entered into our life experience and lived our struggles so that He could show us the only way back to Himself. ” God did not by Himself showed the way to Him. It was and is Jesus who is the Way to God.

        We sincerely hope you shall come to believe what Jesus says about himself and his heavenly Father and that you too shall come to believe what God Himself says about His son.

        We may praise ourselves happy that we can find the peace of Christ in us and also hope you may find the true believe in him too, because that is the way to salvation: believe in Christ.

        Jesus also worshipped the same God as Abraham Who is a singular and not three-headed god. Jesus did not pray to himself as a schizophrenic may talk to himself and ask to himself. Jesus pleading to his heavenly Father was not asking himself something. Jesus expressing that not his will shall be done but the Will of God was an honest expression. When Jesus would be God than always Jesus would have done his own Will.


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