This next section (v19-46) in John is pure quotation. How often have I wished to hear the voice of God, to know what it was like to hear Jesus words as He spoke them? Well, here it is! There are two long sections in here and they are full of His heart towards us. they are spoken as an answer, not to a direct question but rather as an answer to the threats against His life and the challenge of His authority over the man-made established religious authority structure.

If I am seeking to do as Jesus did, then I img_2542will be obedient to God’s examples. Jesus followed the example of The Father. Jesus is so completely One with The Father, that He cannot do anything alone. Jesus, because of the love of the Father, is shown all things that the Father is doing and so He knows what to do and how to do that ‘what’. We are promised, I even am promised, to be shown even greater works so that I may marvel. Get my mind around this!  The marvel is gnawing at the edges of my soul. Jesus, God in the flesh, while living out for us how to live for God, is one with God, and His works reveals that the LOVE God has is the power by which Jesus knows what God is doing.  Thus, all that Jesus does is the same as what God is doing. Jesus promises His listeners that the works they have seen so far are only the beginning. They shall all marvel.

Key is the relationship of love. This is the phileo love. Defined as being used to, or fond of doing, to sanction or approve. Because God approves of Jesus, because God is fond of doing for the Son, because God is used to doing and sanctions the Son, God shows the Son everything God is doing. Deiknyo giving metaphorical evidence, or showing by words or deeds, to the eyes, this is what showing means. I want to see God? I want to see Jesus? Then receive His love.

dscn5533.jpgLord, you prayed at the end of your earthly life for me when you prayed for those yet to come, in that upper room with your closest friends. You prayed that we would be one as You are one with the Father. This is so that we can be shown how you are working. So we can know how to act and what to do. No wonder the enemy uses division to fight against you. Lord, make us one. One with you. One in thought and action. Obedient to your vision. Marveling at who You are.

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