dscn4540Jesus did not obey man’s Sabbath rules. “My Father is working until now” v17. God The Father rested (one day) and in Jesus we see that He continues to work. Jesus’ work, doing The Father’s will, has been healing and teaching salvation, finding people who wanted help.  When Jesus was met with unbelieving power authorities, He challenged that authority by:

  1. Breaking their rules
  2. Trumping their power
  3. Freeing their captives (the man at the pool seeking healing their way)
  4. Declaring truth (Son of God)

We can be certain that it is clearly understood that when Jesus said “My Father is working until now and I Myself am working” that He was declaring Himself equal to God, because their rejection of that declaration is why they sought to kill Him with even greater desire than before. It is early in His ministry, yet the hatred is there already that seeks to kill Jesus. Jesus is not ignorant of this danger. It does not stop Him from doing the work He has come to do. He will do so on His schedule. As always.

Trust in The Lord, knowing His timing is always perfect, not fearing any consequences of doing His perfect will. Always His will is to love. Even in the face of hatred, He chose love towards those in need and healed those who wanted healing.

  • Do I know someone seeking today?
  • What shall I do?
  • Am I loving those who hate me?
  • Am I loving those who are victims of hate around me?DSCN2661

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